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What if...?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Kayley Hospital Watch

WHAT IF? WHAT IF... you were only 19 years old? WHAT IF... you had never been to the hospital since your birth day and were suddenly placed in Intensive Care? WHAT IF... the hospital you were placed in told you 4 days later "there's nothing more we can do for you"? WHAT IF... you were then transferred to Dallas and 90 minutes after arrival you felt like you were having a heart attack? WHAT IF...the next day you were told as a teenager that your heart had been damaged? WHAT IF...after numerous doctors, specialists and procedures you were told they cannot figure out what's wrong with you? WHAT IF... you had a disease that gave you fever, nausea, migraines, heart damage, high/low blood pressure and inability to get out of bed? WHAT IF... you were prayed for by thousands of people worldwide and still weren't feeling better? WHAT IF... you had a high metabolism and never gained any weight but after 7 days in the hospital you gained 17 pounds from the amount of fluids pumped in your body? WHAT IF... this morning you were getting the first blood transfusion of your life? WHAT IF... on your 11th hospital day you became worse and were told they would scalpel your neck and run a wire from there to your heart? WHAT IF... because you were young, female, and your body was swollen this procedure took 2 hours instead of the 30 minutes you were told? WHAT you suffered in hellish pain they told you they would have to start over? WHAT IF... YOU WERE JUST 19?

WHAT IF... last night you had 104 temperature and dry heaved in a bucket for hours because no medicine was working?

What would you say??? Would you lash out, curse the specialist or maybe even God?

Let me tell you what you would do if you were a warrior like my daughter-Kayley Faith. As blood seeped down your neck, pain seeped through your fibers and tears seeped from your eyes you would softly speak to the Doctor who is running a wire through your neck and faintly say "I, I, believe in you......... I know you can do this"! How can anymore so sick be so encouraging to another inflicting so much pain on them??? How can someone be so selfless as they wade through a living hell? I wanted to ball. Really? Did she really say that? But how? In the moment I wished my heart was as good- as kind- as pure-as hers. I felt such pride. She's so much better than me.

The doctor stuttered and tangled his words not knowing how to respond. Finally, reluctantly, he softly answers "I am sooo sorry but thank you for believing in me even though we had to start over: I believe in you too"..

WHAT IF... you were only 19?

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