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Trip to Toronto and Down Memory Lane

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

I just returned from an exciting trip to Toronto with my wife Missy. I was invited to appear on a great Canadian Network to share my story and discuss Midnight in Aisle 7. While there, we spent time with the couple who led me to Christ. They were able to meet Missy for the first time; for years I wanted her to meet them. As I reminisced to them about the night I was saved in a city-wide outreach he was preaching in, I couldn't help but think of what has been left in its wake. I led Missy and eventually her mother to Christ and I have since logged millions of miles sharing the same incredible light on others that was shed on me. I could never have dreamed that when I got on my knees on that April 5th night and asked for forgiveness that it would have such lingering and explosive consequences. This one prayerful plea, this one decision to receive Christ, altered every dream and step I would take thereafter. It has been painfully hard at times, but never regretted. Words fail to communicate the honor I still feel to have been adopted by a KING. It’s so fresh! To top it off, He sent me to the world to communicate His forgiveness. I'll never understand why He would choose someone like me. Without a doubt, His favor to me has been much greater than my faithfulness to Him.

In the last few weeks, the doors have opened in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts and Canada. I am excited and expectant about the multitudes who will, in the coming weeks, find the same avalanche and hope of forgiveness I found on that cool April evening. Will you pray for this team as we relentlessly pursue the lost and hurting? As we begin this busy stretch, will you ask God to tear down the barriers in the lives of those who will be hearing the Gospel and confronting the greatest choice they will ever make?

Lastly, I want to ask if you will pray about supporting us. We cannot exist on the support of churches alone, because many of the places we go and the churches we work with do not have the resources needed to reach their community. We depend on people like YOU to equip us to go. We are asking God to give us 100 people who will make a monthly commitment to this ministry because they have a burden to see people saved and they believe in what we are doing. If God prompts you to financially stand with us, we have convenient options for you. You can call our office at 940-696-0560 to discuss your tax deductible giving.

Your prayers for my staff and family are such a blessing to us.

Reaching the world,


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