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Tragedy in Boston

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

In much of life there is no question more impossible to answer than “WHY?” The how, what and when will eventually be revealed but the “why” of Boston, New York, Aurora and Sandy Hook may never truly be discovered. Unanswered questions are usually the most haunting. I can rack my brain with possible reasons for the suffering but I’ve given up such thoughts, because I know they exceed any logical reasoning. I would rather spend my energy whispering prayers for those affected. It is not only the least I can offer but the best.

I tucked my youngest son in bed last night and thought of the boy, his same age, which was killed by the bomber earlier this week. Notice I did not say a bomb killed this precious eight year old. I refuse to minimize the responsibility of the persons by shifting focus away to their tool of evil.

This Nation grieves for his family and the multitude of others who have been ambushed by devastation over the past few months. More comforting is the assurance that God also feels their pain and provides help and healing through, not only His hands, but also doctors, fireman, policeman and paramedics.

Where do we go from here? For me there is but one option. I will not barter or tarry at the table of political correctness for another moment. Dismiss me or try to minimize my position by labeling me a radical, religious conservative or some other term that would hem in my stance – I will stand unwavering in my conviction. My stance is not born out of moral or religious superiority or as a position of being right while anyone else who disagrees with me is wrong or unenlightened. My conviction doesn’t originate from the media, politics or national heritage but is born from a relationship that is continually challenging me to respect, love, listen and appreciate others who have ideas different than my own.

I place my faith in the God who understands the loss of what matters most. A God who suffered as bloodthirsty wolves pounced on his own innocent son. I trust in the God whose compassion for the lost, broken, abused and terrorized was never without end or question. One who spent his brief life healing the sick, brokenhearted and forgotten! His tenderness was never more evident than when He publicly shed tears at the graveside of a dear friend. The pain of others did not escape his view then and I cannot fathom that it does now. In lieu of the undeniable proof that this country is in great need of protection, peace and power beyond our own, I offer the following as a compass.

We need to humble ourselves before God. It is much easier to humble one’s self than to be humbled by another. With all of our military strength, technological advances and worldwide influence we are growing more violent and vulnerable each day. Why are we so reliant on ourselves when the end product leaves so little satisfaction? What shame is there in admitting we need help and deliverance? Too long have depended on the chariots and horses of men for deliverance! Wealth, power and the proposed solutions of the democrat and republican parties are temporal at best. Neither they nor any other can rescue a people in peril. We need to admit our low, modest estate and quit deceiving ourselves with overestimated calculations of our own importance. May we bare ourselves before God and seek His guidance.

We the people need to return to prayer. Does a good father ignore genuine pleas from his children? Have we any greater resource than to pray for God’s intervention? May we have the boldness to shy away from “moments of silence” and turn instead to genuine, heartfelt pleas! Silence has ruled the day for too long. Before we unite under the flag, we must unite with God by communicating our needs and helplessness without Him. His ear is not deaf nor his hand too short but our prayers are too lacking.

Strength is gained by admitting wrong not the concealing of it. We don’t like to “come clean” but prefer the easier path of covering up our failures. Where are the people who will lay aside the camouflage and ask for cleansing and a new start? How can any of us deny that we unclean people need the continual forgiveness from our friends, colleagues, family and most importantly God? Confessing our failure to God guarantees our greatest need to be met and healing.

Weakness and pain can be the beginning of strength and recovery. Now it’s up to us to decide which path to choose.


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