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The Office of the Evangelist - Next Generation Alliance

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

You have seen the signs, “Emergency Liquidation,” “Temporarily/Permanently Closed,” “Going out of Business,” “Fire Sale,” hung on the doors of many businesses who are on life support and are either closing up shop or making Custer’s last stand to keep their doors open. The Corona virus, racial unrest, bad locations, wrong timing, being pushed around by the big box stores or offering the wrong products or services are some of the reasons for the casualties. However, it’s not just businesses who are barely afloat and gasping for air but also one of the most important and strategic offices in all of the world. The office of the evangelist.

The last few months have had crippling effects for those called to full-time evangelism. Evangelists work with and through the local church and when these houses of worship either shut down or operate at a fraction of their normal capacity, the effects trickle down to the work of evangelism. With churches facing an uncertain future regarding the ability to assemble and because many are struggling financially, a large number of pastors are having to cut back on ministry and specialized outreaches. Like me, many of my fellow evangelists are facing both cancellations and less than normal calls to help reach the unsaved.


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