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Religion vs. Jesus. You tell me!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

I watched a YouTube video this past week that was very powerful. It talked about the difference between false religion and a relationship with Jesus. One part that really stood out to me was related to this discussion of religion:

“They can’t fix their problems so they just mask it not realizing that religion is like spraying perfume on a casket. See, the problem with religion is it never gets to the core. It’s just behavior modification like a long list of chores. Like, let’s dress up the outside and make it look nice and neat, but it’s funny, that is what they used to do to mummies, as they rot underneath. Now I am not judging but I am just saying, quit putting on a fake look, because there is a problem if people only know you’re a Christian by your Facebook.”

This was really powerful. How many times do we have fellow believers ask us how we are doing and we respond with “great”? We need to be able to talk to each other, challenge each other and grow together – not put on a mask. Christianity is about community. It is about finding a core group of people with whom to do life. Jesus had His core group in the disciples. They ate together, prayed together and even struggled together.

In the aforementioned YouTube video, the young man says that churches should be like hospitals for the sick. This is so true. As humans, we have a sin nature. We will never be perfect. Every day we strive to live more like Christ, but every day our flesh gets in the way.

We should embrace our weakness because in our weakness Christ is strong. We should be open with each other about what we are struggling with. The message of salvation is one that says, you’re not perfect – only Christ is. We can try to do everything right but we are still broken.

I really encourage you to get plugged in with a group of believers and be real. Share with them your heart, pray together and seek God. When we start having accountability is when we begin to see a change in our lives.

One last thing about religion, there is a religion that is good. Jesus half brother James tells what this “pure religion” looks like in James 1:27. This “pure religion” is visiting the fatherless and widows while keeping yourself untainted from the ways of the world.

- Jay

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