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Praying for the best

It is that time again, when all media, activities and conversations seem to become political. I was thinking about this last night before going to bed..I had just turned off CNN which had news on both what's going on in our country and on the presidential candidates currently vying to run it. I really felt God begin to call me to pray, but probably not how you would expect.

Perhaps you are currently praying for a particular candidate or party to win, but last night, I felt God calling me to pray that He would choose whatever leader would bring us closer to Him, even if this person leads us down a path of more economic debt and difficulty.

As I began to pray for our God to provide America with the leader who would help us return to Him, it came to me that this person may not agree with my values. Matter of fact, this individual could be a horrible leader who God allows to take our country into further trouble as a means to get us to turn back to Him. History, whether biblical or secular, proves adversity is the trumpet which most often brings people to their knees in repentance. It is not my wish that this would happen but I am praying God would do whatever it takes for us to become dependent on Him again.

I will still vote for the person I believe will lead us in the right direction but I’m trusting God knows what is best. He knew the world before it was even created and He sees far in the future. I’m certain He is less concerned with our nation’s economy than He is with its independent, rebellious heart.

As I was telling my mom about the way I felt led to prayer, she began to pose questions and said she didn’t agree with me. Her concern was that she would not pray for bad leadership because her grandbabies, my kids, would see the results of it as they get older. I reminded her that if it meant my kids really dug deep into God’s word and became dependent on Him alone, I would embrace it. How her grandkids are affected is not God’s primary concern..

I do not want God’s wrath on our country, but if you look at the Old Testament, God tried to provide a way, and the people led themselves into a godless society. Generations passed, and the younger Israelites began to turn away from the true God, and worshiped all types of false gods. God threatened to abandon Israel because of the disobedience of the younger generation. Throughout history Israel’s behavior follows a consistent pattern: the people of Israel fall into evil, God allows a leader to save them or further oppress them as a means of reward or discipline.

While what happened to the nation of Israel is not what I wish on us, despite my protection of my kids, I would rather God do whatever it takes to turn this nation back to Him. Even if it means the darkest days of our country are ushered in.

As the election gets closer, I encourage you to really pray for our country. Pray tat God, who is rich in mercy, will save our nation. He knows the best way for that to happen whether it be a candidate that is after things of God or horrible leadership so we only want God.

I’ll leave you with this verse to remember to pray.

1 Samuel 16:7

But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

Wanting God’s Candidate -


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