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Jesus was a gentleman

Jesus was a gentleman

He always respected women- (the me/too movement wouldn’t have frightened Him). He never interrupted others. He never “hid in” or “beat around” the bushes. He never forced anyone to do ANYTHING they didn’t want to do. He never disrespected authority. He never disobeyed His father. He adored His mom – even asking a friend to take her in as He was dying. He was gentle enough that children flocked to be near Him. He was strong enough to handle undeserved criticism. He held no grudges. He had impeccable manners. He made others around him better. He was always looking for a way to serve instead of being served. He never forgot the forgotten. He was loyal to his friends regardless of their disloyalty to Him. He was a great listener. He was good for His word and His word was good. He knew how to handle Himself at a party(wedding in Cana). He brought comfort to those in mourning. He defended the broken and wounded. He resisted temptation. He had good table manners/ telling his disciples to eat whatever was put before them. He gave thanks before eating. He never debated politics. He never forced His convictions on others. He never slandered people behind their backs. He honored His parents even though He knew better than them. Jesus was powerful yet gentle… because Jesus was a gentleman.

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