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If I Were the Devil

If I Were The Devil: I would attack your parents and begin this assault before you were even born.

I would whisper to your Daddy and Momma to convince them their marriage would never work.

I would prey on spouses “feelings” until I could convince them that divorce was the “only” option.

I would orchestrate children to be sexually, emotionally, physically or verbal abused.

I would brainwash children to believe they are unloved, unwanted and nothing more than a “mistake”.

I would bring disease, misery, suffering and long hospital stays while telling those suffering that God is unjust/unloving.

I would tell you that life was no longer worth living and that suicide is the only and best solution. (I would adore suicide)

I would constantly remind you of every fault and transgression you ever committed.

I would make you feel unworthy, unloved and unimportant; reminding you of everything you’ve done wrong and never reminding you of what you’ve done right.

I would tell (if you believed in Christ) that your pain is because of a vengeful, unmerciful God and not because of me.

I would tell you (if you believed in God) that He and His book are nothing but fairy tales.

I would have you so preoccupied with work, entertainment, problems and life’s demands that you had no time to study the Bible.

I would tirelessly work to convince you that your troubles are “bad luck”, “destiny” or “fate” and that I am not culpable.

I would try to murder your only daughter or maybe your son, mom, dad or spouse in order to make you bitter at God.

I would strategize to make you believe there was no real devil.

I would teach you two extremes. I would want you to completely dismiss me so I’m blamed for nothing or for you to blame me for everything so you don’t take responsibility for anything.

I would seek to isolate you so you would be vulnerable. I would hunt you down when you are weakened, tired or lonely.

I would terrorize you with fear, uncertainty and confusion.

I would descend on your loved ones with agony and make you watch them cry, scream and suffer in hospitals, asylums and death beds.

I would study you day and night so I would know which doors in your life are unlocked, what areas of your life are unguarded and where every crack and vulnerability is located.

I would tease you with materialism, money, power, pleasure and acceptance.

I would ensure your attention was constantly being distracted by the news, politics or what Republicans or Democrats are doing.

I would make you angry, bitter and resentful at everyone but me.

I would tell you your prayers are accomplishing nothing.

I would seek to instill doubt about everything you’ve ever believed.

I would entice you to be religious but never spiritual.

I would ensure that you are injured or betrayed by hypocritical people who go to church.

I would bring people in your life who claim to be Christians but who are not true believers.

I would train you how to deceive, justify, excuse and condone your actions.

I would school you on how to demand your rights while neglecting the rights of others.

I would be your master without you even knowing it.

I would seduce you.

I would attack all Faith (in my case Kayley Faith).

I would promise you a luxury room in eternity where you could Rest In Peace (RIP) without revealing there is no such thing as resting after death.

I would do anything and everything to make sure you die without ever having a real relationship with Jesus.

If I Were The Devil

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