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Kayley Hospital Watch


He is the one you really didn’t want to run into but have difficulty avoiding.

He is the unwelcome/ unexpected guest you hoped wouldn’t stop by… and always staying longer than he should.

He is always seeking new companionship because he is not liked by anyone but occasionally welcomed by everyone. His only kin are named fear and worry. He is an habitual thief stealing hopes and dreams. He is a pessimist who specializes in preying on optimists. He is arrogant and demands to be heard. He is a “know it all” who has all the wrong answers. He is the consummate “wedding crasher” who invades any and all types of celebrations of hope or joy. He is always quick to object, argue, debate and demand. He is always ready to discuss problems but never ready to offer solutions. He believes only in what he sees and nothing he cannot. He has sight without vision. He has a masters degree in skepticism yet is illiterate in faith. He is a Hitler-ish dictator who seeks to brainwash and manipulate. His tongue is 24 carat gold yet laced with poison. His words are slicker than oil and stickier than pancake syrup. He is reliably unreliable. He is absolutely sure that everything is unsure. He lies, deceives, tricks, traps, criticizes, and aggravates while he entices you to second guess every move you make. He cannot understand any part of the word “KNOW”! His master is a prince dispensing uncertainty while my master is a King dispensing assurance. He visits me… Missy… Kayley Faith. He knocks… yells… begs… taunts at our door. We refuse his advances because our door is secured by what he hates most… FAITH.

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