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Different country, same message

It is always amazing to me how the message of the Gospel combined with the Holy Spirit meet people right where they are in life.

I remember when I first started preaching, I mostly spoke in front of people who were from the South. It was amazing to see how God moved hearts and the story of the Gospel changed lives. But I thought, “That’s because I’m in the Bible belt of America.” The first time I had the chance to speak in the North West, I wondered if the same message would still be able to relate with such a different crowd from the South. And sure enough, it did. I continued to ask myself this as I traveled the world from Brazil to Africa and Europe. What I discovered is that God’s message is timeless and powerful in bringing lives to Him.

After returning from Ireland on Monday I was reminded of the sustaining power of the Gospel again. I saw God move in Ireland – a country so different than our own – and use His story to bring people to Him regardless. The people of Ireland come from a different background, lifestyle, ethnicity, race, etc., yet they still face the same humanly issues we do.

During our ministry in Ireland, one man who was 70 years old and for whom the people in the town had been praying for 30 years finally chose to receive Christ. Another man in his 40’s who had rejected his wife’s efforts to share the Gospel with him for two years, came to know the Lord as well. God moved in a mighty way.

I have found that no matter where you are in the world you will always find broken people. We were born in sin; we all have problems; and we are all looking for an answer. This has been proven true throughout my ministry. No matter where I go, I see people who are trying to fix things temporarily, but the only permanent solution that brings about true life change is Jesus.

Although people try to fill gaps with “things,” it is only the beauty of the Gospel that can truly transcend. People are longing for an answer to bring them hope, and the Gospel is a universal message because Jesus provides the hope, love and forgiveness for which every man, woman and child is looking.

My hope for you is that you will be the hands and feet of Jesus no matter where you are in the world. God has someone in your path today that you are meant to share His love with. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Love you guys-


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