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Crazy Doors

Last week I was invited to speak to our local [semi pro] Hockey team and exactly half of them prayed to accept Christ. It was thrilling to see young, tough hockey players who were unashamed to stand for Jesus! The owner said he thought we would be lucky to see even one man stand for Jesus; he seemed pretty fired up. I will [ when possible] attend their hockey games and serve as a part time chaplain to pray with them before games and offer any counsel.

We were also blessed by a 25 year old girl from Phoenix, Az who saw me on TV and called our ministry. I was out but two team members prayed with her for salvation.

God just worked out a big miracle for one of our larger events. We have rented an arena that holds close to 20,000 and a major TV network has agreed to air the event "LIVE". I am blown away by this open door. I am still not over it!!! I am trusting God for not only the salvation of thousands at our event but also that multitudes watching by TV will meet Christ. God continues to amaze me with His undeserved kindness to us. A wise man said that favor isnt fair! May God in His mercy give more.

Thanks for your prayers. They are the power behind this ministry.

Walking Through His Openings

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