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Crayon sermon / Fighting for friends

I want to start off by asking you to do me a favor!! I know very few of you know the man I am about to discuss-but his name is Rodney Brom. I am aware that there are people who read Harvest Link from all over the U.S. and several other countries and continents. Many of you have told me you would pray for any personal requests that I might have. I have one!!!

It would mean a lot to me if you would pray for my friend, Rodney. I have great love for him. He and his entire family have been my friends since I was a kid. Unlike the majority of people who have heard me speak, he has known me as a lost man and a saved one. He knows the good, bad and ugly side of me and has stayed a friend in spite of it all. Sometimes I think that there are people who like me for the man "they think I am" but not for the person that is truly me. He is not such a person!!!!

He has been diagnosed with cancer and will begin treatment immediately. He has a lovely wife and two great sons who also need your prayers.

He is the toughest guy I have ever known and was the kind of guy in High School that you were glad was your friend. We used to be kinda rowdy and I have never seen him lose a fight to anyone. Once I was with Rodney at a dance party where I got in an argument with a dairy farmer who could have whipped me with one arm tied around his back. The beverages I had been consuming had me thinking I was a lot tougher than I was. I was wearing a brace because of a broken collarbone and was in the thick of getting my tail handed to me when Rodney came to the rescue. He gave this guy a beatdown unlike I have ever seen just because this guy was messing with his buddy- Jay. He wouldn't let anyone touch me then and I don't think he would respond any different today. I don't care if it's a grizzly, Rodney's loyalty would forbid him from backing down.

Now it's my turn to back him up!!! I know some things now that I didn't know then and I've learned the best way to fight for someone is to pray on their behalf. I have talked to God about him quite a bit lately and I'm asking you to do the same. Ask God to heal him completely and bring peace to his whole family. Ask the Lord to use this to strengthen him in his dedication to Jesus.

I preached in Cartersville, GA [Atlanta suburb] this last weekend. I felt led to preach on the woman who bathed Jesus feet with her tears but I didn't have the time to develop a message on it. Friday before I left, we went out to eat for my daughter's birthday. I got a green crayon and begin writing on the back of a children's menu some of my thoughts about this passage. Missy asked what I was doing and I tried to ignore her question because I didn't want her to know. Once she found out, she remarked "Come on honey, it's your daughter's birthday! Can't you go out to dinner without thinking about ministry?" I rudely replied, "No, I am so burdened about this weekend that I can't let it go!!!"

There is no need to send e mails correcting my behavior and telling me to not allow ministry to interfere with family time. I was wrong, regretted it, later apologized and realize I need to change!!! I preached Sat night and 29 adult men accepted Christ. I woke up early Sunday and found my crayon notes in my sermon bag. I was definitely not going to preach that message but glanced at the 5 or 6 lines I had written down. God started leaning on me that he wanted me to preach it anyway. I argued with him all morning and told him that he knew I didn't have enough material to preach 5 minutes. I couldn't get him to change his mind, regardless of all my "valid" reasons. My friend Rick Stanley was there from Florida and I asked him his opinion. He said that I could either choose what was comfortable and do it on my own or I could choose Gods will and be helped by his Spirit. That was all I needed to hear and the decision was made. I didn't want to be on my own because I have walked that trail and it leads to a dead end.

I stood on the front row and repeated about 80 times- three simple words- God Help Me....... As I left for the platform, I told him that if he didn't show up that I was going to make us both look bad.

As always, he delivered. The anointing was great and it seemed as if I was watching myself preach. I spoke about 40 minutes and the message flowed better than I could have ever hoped for. The altar was filled with people of all ages committing their lives to Christ. It was such a rush!! Another lesson learned about the faithfulness of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Learning More Everyday Doubting Thomas/I meant JAY

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