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10 years ago today

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Where were you 10 years ago today? That is what everyone is asking today.

What went through your mind when you witnessed the planes crashing into the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Pentagon? What about when you heard about the brave strangers who banded together and sacrificed their own lives to bring the fourth plane down in a field in Pennsylvania? What do you remember about that day?

Like many, I watched in shock as the events of Sept. 11, 2001 unfolded on my TV screen. I witnessed the horror of so many whose normal Tuesday morning workday became a national tragedy. And, just like so many other believers across the country, I prayed.

A disaster of any kind has a tendency to do one thing - drive people to their knees. 9-11 showed our nation its vulnerability.

Just days after the catastrophe, I was part of an area-wide crusade in Texas. I couldn't help but feel a spirit of unity as individuals from all walks of life and denominations came together. After the event, I had several people come up to me, which is not uncommon, but what was different about this situation is that these individuals were not your typical "church" attendees. They were people who had seen a billboard or an ad and needed hope.

Following 9-11, people were hungry for God. They were seeking answers and realized this nation's fallibility. In a moment, life as we knew it was stripped from us.

Unfortunately, the spiritual fire soon burned out. Within six weeks, we went back to the new normal of our lives.

I fully believe when we are in a dilemma, our prayer life quickly changes for the better, and when we are prosperous and successful, we depend on God less. This was the case with 9-11. For a brief time, while our nation was in crisis, we gathered together - despite backgrounds, politics and beliefs - and turned to face God. And when things began to look up, we once again turned our backs on Him.

This doesn't mean that there weren't some lasting effects of 9-11. We will never know the reason God allowed 9-11 to happen. Only He knows, but we do know that as a result, multitudes of people chose to trust Him as their Lord and Savior. And despite everything else, that is worth praising God.

-- Jay

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