School Assemblies

Real Life. Real Connection.

Real Answers.

Youth today are overwhelmed with the pressures of being a teenager in our society. Drug and alcohol abuse are running rampant among young people with devastating repercussions. Suicide, violence and sexually-transmitted diseases are devasting thousands of lives every day. As the voices of our future generation cry for help, Crossroads School Assembly responds with compassion and real life application.

Crossroads is a mainstream (secular) program aimed at addressing these pressures that teenagers encounter. This program is a 30-minute address that has been presented to over two million students, world-wide; confronting issues, such as, bullying, violence, drug/alcohol abuse, STDs and teenage suicide. The Crossroads team delivers a highly motivational message to capture the thoughts and attention of students, leading them to listen and evaluate their own crossroads, while empowering them with the knowledge that they can make a difference.

The Crossroads School Assembly is accepted and utilized in both public and private schools.  Administrators and principals, alike have praised Crossroads as one of the finest and most effective school assemblies presented to their student body.

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