"How do I grow my church?”

 When your members witness & invite others, your church will grow.  JLHM’s Evangelism101 will equip your church with the knowledge, confidence, & desire to mobilize your community to reach others for Christ.

  • These trainings focus on equipping believers in the local church, to effectively share their faith in their day to day lives. 
  • Unique weekend Conference includes evangelism training, community outreach service, & challenge service.

The training session provides methods for reaching friends, family members and strangers with the love of Jesus.  It will show how to have an open dialogue about the Gospel.  The Sunday morning outreach service reaches the lost and provides a first-hand look at evangelism.  The Sunday evening challenge service fuels the spark that began in the training session.


A fired up, passionate congregation is the best way to reach your community, impact unbelievers, & grow your church.  

JLHM’s Evangelism101 is the catalyst.