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Posted on: October 26, 2017
Category: Published Articles

Jay Lowder was taking a nap after school one day in 1979 when his mom woke him up by screaming at him to get in the car, no questions asked. He was in a daze but made it to the family Cadillac just in time for his dad to start driving out of town.

At first, Jay thought the neighborhood was on fire, but he would later find out that a mile-and-a-half-wide tornado was on top of his city in what would later be known as Terrible Tuesday.

Jay’s father started driving through the town, but the tornado was already bearing down on the city, making it hard to know where they were going. At an intersection, his father asked his mother which way to go. She told him to turn right. But as his father turned the steering wheel in that direction, he felt a strange pull to go left and spun the wheel at the last second.


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