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"The Judas in each of us" - Religion World News

March 24, 2016

"While we refuse to admit the likeness, in some ways our reflection looks a lot like Judas. Not only are we guilty of the same murder we lay at Judas’ doorstep, we also have some of the same ...   Read More

"Suicide Prevention" - Jack Miller Down to Business

February 04, 2016

Jay Lowder of Harvest Ministries talks about his own struggles & how he overcame them & now helps others. The numbers are jaw dropping, 22 veterans a day, 2nd cause of death in people ...   Read More

"The Aftermath of Coping with Suicide" - TheBlaze

February 01, 2016

Jay shares insights and steps to coping when someone you love commits suicide.   Read More

The Hardest Gift to Give at Christmas -

December 25, 2015

"Although it doesn’t come in a box covered by sleigh red wrapping, it is the greatest, most significant present a person could ever offer…"  - Jay Lowder What if, instea...   Read More

8 Proven Tips to Help You Avoid a Christmas Family Feud |

December 21, 2015

"Whatever the reason, before you grab a turkey leg, warm up a mug of eggnog, or rip open presents, consider these proven ways to avoid a family feud this Christmas:"  - Jay Lowder We...   Read More

ChrismaMag - Evangelism: The Neglected Gift

November 11, 2015

While many churches wait for the unsaved to come to church, the unsaved are waiting for the church to come to them.

God's purpose is to merge the gifts of the evangelist and the church to synchronize together for the edification, strengthening and building of the church. For both to attain their mission, they ca...   Read More

The Blaze - Why this national evangelist stands with Khloe Kardashian

October 22, 2015

When we are in our greatest need is the time we most need others to come to our rescue.

We live in a society where marriage certificates seem to be autographed with erasable ink so that as soon as it’s not convenient, a spouse doesn’t perform as expected, or the marriage catches o...   Read More

FoxNews - Six Suicide Signs

September 10, 2015

I cannot help but think of the thousands of individuals who feel just like I did – worthless, hopeless and ready to die.

    "I almost took my life.  Do you know these six suicide signs?"  - Jay Lowder No one ever thinks his or her child would consider suicide. I know my parents never did...   Read More

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