Secrets and #MeToo

SECRETS AND #METOO In the last few months, curtains have been torn down and masks removed. What has been exposed to the world has been revolting and repulsive. Skeletons that[…]

Father’s Day to me

  My wife Missy had uttered the life-changing words “it’s time,” a grueling 7 hours earlier. It felt like more than 7 years. Against her fear of me passing or[…]


Her look, a combination of Palomino colored hair and glitzy aquamarine eyes made her stand out from others like a lighthouse. I didn’t know her well but when I was[…]

Apache Pride

I always wanted to be one. Every single time my sugar-high buddies and I would play Cowboys and Indians, I chose to play the part of the Indian. I had[…]

A Texas Yankee

New York City is 1,590 miles away from the desk from which I am writing, but from my thoughts and heart there is no distance at all. I just left[…]


“Home” is a word that should be soothing and grand, conjuring up memories of joy, happiness and peace. The word “home” is endearing to so many that its connotations and[…]

March Madness

It’s now March and the beginning of melting snow, emerging tulips, Daylight Savings time, the celebration of Easter, and Saint Patrick’s Day [by the way he was an evangelist/priest not[…]

Christmas is NOT Over

Yes, December 25th has come and gone.  Boxes and bags were emptied and stomachs are filled. Although its lights are still turned on daily, our Christmas tree has begun wilting[…]


A little over a week ago I paced into another arena, but my purpose this time was different. I wasn’t there to speak but to listen and watch. I was there to see my oldest son graduate from high school.
I told myself I wasn’t going to fold like a cheap wallet – that I was a rock. However, the second I saw him step through the tunnel my eyes began to burn. No matter how hard I swallowed or how determined my resolve, the evidence of pride, excitement and sorrow that filled my heart began to spill down my cheeks. The eight-pound, 13-ounce baby boy I once held in my arms was now a six-foot, three-inch man who I was letting go to start a new chapter in his life.