April 4


April 4, 2018 Kayley Hospital Watch Strangers Strangers- people you don’t know, recognize or are unfamiliar with. Outsiders… They are the ones your mother warned you about as soon as[…]

April 3


April 3, 2018 Kayley Hospital Watch Mothers It wasn’t supposed to be this way. No, no, no -she was supposed to be the one sleeping on a real bed as[…]

March 23


April 1, 2018 Kayley Hospital Watch Fathers You just never know who you’re going to run into at a hospital. It’s a pretty remarkable story; it is almost impossible to[…]

March 28


March 31, 2018 Kayley Hospital Watch REMEMBERING As morning dawned yesterday I craved hope. Something… anything… just a morsel of relief; I prayed this not for me but for her.[…]

March 27

Good Friday

March 30, 2018 Kayley Hospital Watch Good Friday/Baby Girl It always seemed weird to me to call “Good Friday”-Good. Yes, I theologically know why, I can preach it in my[…]

March 24

What If?

March 29, 2018 Kayley Hospital Watch WHAT IF? WHAT IF… you were only 19 years old? WHAT IF… you had never been to the hospital since your birth day and[…]

Secrets and #MeToo

SECRETS AND #METOO In the last few months, curtains have been torn down and masks removed. What has been exposed to the world has been revolting and repulsive. Skeletons that[…]

Father’s Day to me

  My wife Missy had uttered the life-changing words “it’s time,” a grueling 7 hours earlier. It felt like more than 7 years. Against her fear of me passing or[…]

Deadly Faith

            I am awestruck by the courage of the Umpqua Community College students. Witnesses to Thursday’s deadly shooting say numerous victims were questioned if they[…]

My Favorite Verses

GOD’S WORD is not only alive and active, but it is also as necessary for spiritual life as oxygen is to physical life. Having read the Bible for years, I’m amazed[…]